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6 Places to Visit Near The Grand Canyon – AZ, US

May 8, 2016

One of the most magnificent places in the world, the Grand Canyon has more to offer than beautiful scenery. The entire state of Arizona seems to be carved by the hands of nature with the intent of creating works of art. A road trip to Arizona is a must at least once in a lifetime and there are a few places near the Grand Canyon that are breathtaking.  Here is the summary of what I had on my itinerary for this great road trip.


With its red rocks and Near the Grand Canyondramatic landscape, Sedona is truly magical. Only 2 hours north of Phoenix, it provides an abundance of scenic trails suitable for all ages and levels. Great restaurants, coffee shops, and stores can be found in the city center.
Days recommended: 3
On the “must” list: hike and sunset from Cathedral Rock, Devil’s Bridge hike, Vino de Sedona Restaurant, crystal shopping.
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Grand Canyon National Park

Next on the list is the Grand Canyon National Near the Grand CanyonPark. The South Rim is 2 hours away from Sedona and has a gorgeous view of the canyon. Also, the park offers plenty of options of hiking and camping.
Days recommended: 1 for sightseeing, 2+ for overnight camping and hiking
On the “must” list: before going do some basic research on the official Grand Canyon National Park website
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    Page – Glen Canyon and Horseshoe Bend

    Near the Grand Canyon

    A small town of only 7000 people, Page is located next to two of the most famous places near the Grand Canyon – the Horseshoe Bend and the Antelope Canyon. If a river trip is on the two do list, this is the place to go.
    Days recommended: 1
    On the “must” list: Colorado River Discovery and hike to Horseshoe Bend for sunset
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    Page – Antelope Canyon

    Near the Grand Canyon

    Made famous by the gorgeous photos taken here, the Upper and Lower Antelope Canyons are unique at bringing to life the light that reflects on the sandstones. Located on the Navajo land booking a tour is required for both. The Lower requires descending into the canyon. The Upper is more famous for sunbeams.
    Days recommended: 1/2 for each
    On the “must” list: take many pictures from different angles
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    The Meteor Crater

    Near the Grand Canyon

    A nice treat for those into science and space exploration, the ““the World’s best preserved meteorite impact site on Earth” is located in Arizona, a couple hours away from Phoenix.
    Days recommended: 1/2
    On the “must” list: panoramic pictures and pay attention to cattle on the road
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    Near the Grand Canyon

    Not as near the Grand Canyon as the rest, but a good stop on the way back. Scottsdale claims to be a crime-free city and I believe it. It has a delightful selection of public art, art galleries, shops and restaurants in the city center. Art is a big thing.  For the nature enthusiasts, a few trails are available to explore.
    Days recommended: 1-2
    On the “must” list: Art district, nightlife







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