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All my life I’ve been challenged with giving people a description of myself. That was until I memorized the answer to the famous “Tell me about yourself” interview question. And as boring as this self-description seems to me, I can definitely say I have been doing pretty well since I learned it.

Besides working hard and sometimes hardly working, I have somewhat of a social life and even a few hobbies: yoga, Science Fiction books, and artsy stuff. Other things I do with my free time include movies, TV shows, going out with friends, traveling, and trying to uncover the mysteries of this great big world. I have a lovely cat named Princess Leia (mhm, like in Star Wars) and one of my biggest dreams is to make her a world cat soccer champion. We’re training hard with tin-foil balls.

As a bonus here is a funny fact about me: I can’t property open doors, boxes and jars. But it’s ok, most of the time I outsource it.